Our four strategic themes – Protecting the Environment, Proficient Employees, Prosperous Customers and Communities, and Principled Conduct – guide our key priorities towards creating positive impact through the material matters for each theme.

Contributing towards a low carbon economy by reducing carbon emissions and managing climate risks, as well as enabling customers to transition to the the low carbon economy.

Improving Operational Efficiency

We have attained a LEED Gold Certification for Menara Public Bank 2 office building. In addition, Bangunan Public Bank and two domestic branches in Malaysia were installed with solar panels.

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Evolving the Public Bank Group’s Climate Action Agenda

Overarching the Public Bank Group’s climate action agenda is our qualitative Climate Risk Appetite Statement, operationalised into our targets of achieving Carbon Neutral (Scope 1 and Scope 2) by 2030 and Net Zero Carbon by 2050, and is in line with the Paris Agreement’s ultimate goal of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5°C.

Our commitments and strategies in relation to climate change are embedded in the Climate-Related Strategy Policy (CRSP). The CRSP is underpinned by three climate-related Strategic Directions.

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Embrace a diverse, equal and inclusive culture,  encourage employees’  professional and personal development and establish a firm stance on human and labour rights.


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy


At the core of the Public Bank Group’s approach is the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Policy, which sets the foundation of our advancement of a diverse, equal and inclusive culture. The DEI Policy demonstrates our commitment to provide an inclusive, safe and conducive workplace for its employees.


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Employee Diversity Dashboard


Protecting Human and Labour Rights


We are committed to upholding and respecting human and labour rights. We respect human rights and vigilantly keep abreast with the latest developments in the employment law, industrial relations law as well as the human rights climate in the community where we operate and take human rights matters into its considerations across the business operations.


Offer broad access of products and services to meet society’s needs particularly the underserved markets and vulnerable groups, uphold high standards of quality, safety and transparency in product and service offerings, and implement digital transformation to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.


SME Developers Seminar



Seminars for SME property developers were organised in Malaysia to share industry experts’ knowledge, tips and guidance n ESG and climate risks in relation to the property sector.


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Community Empowerment


We, leveraging on the experience and expertise of its people, work towards ensuring that the most vulnerable groups are not left out, etching its values in the community where we operate. We focus our resources on three key areas – Community Well-being, Education and Environment – in which we have set our main priorities to create long-lasting impact and value for the community.



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Strengthen and uphold sound governance culture and risk management, and enhance information technology system and infrastructure to embrace security and secure internal controls.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy (ABAC Policy)


We adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of bribery and corruption. The ABAC Policy is applicable to all entities within the Public Bank Group, including its overseas branches and subsidiaries, all members of the Board of Directors and employees as well as all third parties working for, associated with or acting on behalf of the Group.


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Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures


The Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures serve as a confidential platform for all employees and third parties to report any acts of bribery and/or corruption, as well as any alleged illegal, unethical, questionable practices or improper conduct committed or about to be committed within the Public Bank Group.


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Read more about the Public Bank Group’s sustainability performance across the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, as well as initiatives in response to the matters that are most material to us and our key stakeholders in our latest Sustainability Report.


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