Diverse and Inclusive Workforce


Public Bank Group embraces and upholds Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the workplace across the Group’s business and operations. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is a core value of the Group where each employee is respected, valued and appreciated for their differences.

The overview of the Group’s DEI values is depicted as follows:

Our Practice and Approach


The Group complies with all applicable laws and regulations on fair labour practices, forced and child labour as well as upholds the rights of staff.

We respect human rights and vigilantly keep abreast of the latest development in the employment law, industrial relation law as well as the human rights climate in the community where we operate and take human rights matters into our considerations across the Group’s business operations.

The Group’s commitments are reflected and integrated into our key people practices and processes:

  • Equal employment opportunity, elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour as well as non-discrimination towards race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, nationality, culture, marital and parental status, physical impairment and religious beliefs;
  • Fair and equal access to all developmental and career advancement opportunity;
  • Prioritising the safety, health and well-being of staff;
  • Fair and equitable remuneration, recognition and rewards;
  • Transparent and fair performance appraisal system;
  • Compliance with fair labour practices, uphold freedom of association, right to collective bargaining and minimum wage;
  • Embed supportive and inclusive culture through women empowerment in support of equal rights for women.


Zero Tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment


Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation are not tolerated within the Group and are contrary to the Group’s corporate culture and core values.

As part of the Group’s commitment to maintaining a respectful workplace, staff are encouraged to report any unlawful acts/misconduct/inappropriate behaviour via the Group’s existing reporting channels (e.g. whistleblowing channels, staff grievance portal…etc).

Staff in violation of the Group’s policies will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action(s).